Do you the know difference between Botanical Powders and Botanical Extracts?

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Indeed, there is alot of difference between Botanical Powders and Botanical Extracts. Many of them say that they both are the same, which is partially true but when it comes to production and processing, they vary. Though the raw materials of both Botanical Powders and Botanical Extracts are the same, they are very different from each other. The main difference lies in how the raw material is processed to get the final product. In simple terms, Botanical Powders are a Grounded/Pulverised form of the raw materials whereas production of Botanical extract involves a much more complicated process. 

let’s find out the production process involved in Botanical Powders. Best quality botanical ingredients are harvested from farmers across the country and brought to the processing plant. It is then cleaned thoroughly to remove all foreign matter and passed through the Sortex machine. After cleaning, it is checked for moisture content, if found, ingredients are further oven-dried to ensure it is free from moisture to avoid lumps in the final product.

After ensuring that the ingredients are free from moisture, the next crucial step is to convert the raw materials into powder form. The raw material is processed with the help of Pulverizer/Grinding machines to convert it into the desired powder form. The Coarseness/Fineness of a powder can be customized according to the requirements of the customer. Further to get rid of bacteria and pathogens botanical powders are given steam treatment, thereby completing the production process.

Production of botanical extracts involves a different process. Raw materials are cleaned and then dissolved in a natural solvent. After keeping for some time it then moves on to the filtration process where all the waste solid residues (fibers, proteins, minerals) are separated. After the filtration process, the solvent and rest of the water are evaporated and the dry extract is obtained. Manufacturing of botanical extracts is a lengthy process and the yield obtained is also less. Botanical Powders contain peak levels of active bio ingredients whereas botanical extracts are highly concentrated. Depending upon their application both of them are used in various industries like Food, Pharmacy, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, etc.