What does turmeric do to the body?

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Haldi/ Haridra/ Nisha also known as Turmeric or Curcuma [Botanical Name – Curcuma longa] is an important kitchen ingredient of every household worldwide. Curcuma or Haldi is employed largely as a colouring agent & as condiment entering largely into the composition of Indian pickles and curry powders. As per ancient Ayurvedic Literatures & texts, Turmeric or Haldi is Pungent, Bitter in taste with hot & dry in potency, pacifies kapha/Pitta dosha’s, helps to diminish various blood disorders & heals skin wounds. In Herbal Medicines Curcuma is usually included in all formulations pertaining to Beauty & cosmetics as Turmeric is considered to be the best Skin tonic. Regular use of Haldi cleans the Blood; keeps various Skin ailments away and helps to combat harmful germs which cause obstruction in healing Skin ulcers. Various uses of Haldi are mentioned in Ayurvedic, Unnani & Home remedies books. The immunity boosting property of Curcuma Shields Human body from various Septic micro-organism and fights various dreadful diseases. In small children haldi powder ¼-1tsp is given regularly in warm milk to support immunity against recurrent cough & cold, chronic rhinitis, esonophilia, bronchitis etc. In adults 1 to1.5 tsp daily intake with warm milk or honey-warm water, supports protections from recurrent Urinary Infections, skin infections & balances irregular high blood glucose levels.

Scientific study has shown that Turmeric or Haldi is rich in useful components such as Curcuminoids, which supports healthy immunity & low C-reactive protein levels circulating in blood (which helps to reduce Joint pain). Curcuminoids also help to prevent free radical damage as anti-oxidant agent & as anti-inflammation agent in joint pains. 

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