Why is it important to select the right quality of Seasoning Herbs?

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Nowadays Seasoning herbs play the same important role as traditional spices did in cooking. Seasoning Herbs are the most essential part of Italian cuisine. Be it sweet green basil topping of your favorite pizza or the authentic garlic that gives your tomato sauce it’s tangy kick, seasoning herbs have become an integral part of best-loved Italian dishes. Here are a few characteristics to watch out that determine the quality of seasoning herbs.

Aroma: A recipe that doesn’t tempt your nose will most probably score low on taste too. A good appetizer is a  magical combination of good taste and pleasing aromas. Good quality Seasoning Herbs are full of strong, captivating smells and long-lasting flavors that intensify when cooked, roasted or fried. Oregano leaves, Parsley leaves, Rosemary, Sweet Basil leaves, etc, are some of the seasoning herbs which are used widely for their unique aromatic properties.  

Texture: It plays an important role in selecting the application of seasoning herbs. Most textural characteristics depend on how the herbs are processed. Dry roasting or toasting herbs removes any remaining moisture in the herbs. This process gives the herbs a totally different flavor and texture profile while enhancing the flavor of the final product. For instance, oregano, thyme leaves, rosemary, sage leaves, Parsley, etc are more flavourful when used dry as compared to using them fresh.

Origin: Sourcing of seasoning herbs from the right place is very crucial, some of the herbs are native to some specific countries only and thus need to be imported. Although those herbs can be grown locally, they differ and lack original flavor. Most of the herbs such as Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage leaves, etc, are Native to the Mediterranean region whereas Thyme leaves are native to Europe. 

Jairamdass Khushiram having experience of more than 100 years is one of the most reliable suppliers of seasoning herbs in the market. All the herbs go through various quality checks to ensure aroma, texture, etc, and only then the best quality herbs are imported from their respective native country.