fenugreek powder

Trigonella foenum (fenugreek powder)

fenugreek powder
Botanical Name

Trigonella foenum

Common Name

fenugreek powder


Botanical Powders

Product Description

fenugreek powder contains 16-20 % of protein, other amino acids which help to nourish body elements and prevent malnourishment. As per ayurveda fenugreek is Tiktarasam, Ushna veerayam, which helps to reduce Vata & kapha & stimulates appetite. Seeds are mucilaginous, demulcent & due to its astringent action stops loose motions. Seed powder when taken internally helps as emmenagogue to women who suffer from oligomenorrhea, by virtue of its Uterus compression property. A Gruel like recipe prepared of seeds helps as galactogogue by stimulating milk ducts in post natal care.
Externally the seeds powder paste applied over hair scalp prevents hair loss & helps to stimulate hair growth. Also poultice of flour seeds applied over affected area reduces inflammation and pain.