Popular Name: Gotu Kola Extract

Gotu Kola Extract

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Botanical Name:

Centella Asiatica

Other Name:

Indian Pennywort Extract


Saponins 20% NA 40%, (Gravimetry) Triterpenes & 10 NA 15%, (Gravimetry) Total Asiaticosides 10% NA 15% (HPLC)


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Product Description:

There are at least tow plants known as Brahmi in different parts of India:
1. Herb of Centella aisatica (Hydrocotyl asiatica) known also as Mandukparni and belonging to Apiceae family and
2. Herb of Bacopa moniera (Herpestis moniera) belonging to Scrophulariaceae family. It is found in wet, deep, and marshy areas and is known as Nirbrahmi or Jalabrahmi. It is a very good brain simulator and nervine tonic. Tincture of C. asiatica is used in Homeopathy.

1. Brain Tonic, Improves Blood Circulation.