greater galangal

ALPINIA GALANGA (greater galangal)

greater galangal dried
Botanical Name


Common Name

greater galangal



Product Description

greater galangal uses : The rhizomes are useful in rheumatism and catarrhal affections. The drug is a popular remedy for many respiratory ailments.

1) Two cheif species are available.
(i) Alpinia galanga (Greater galangal or Java galangal) (ii) A. officinarum (lesser galangal)
2) 'The Ayurvedic formulary of India' identifies Rasna as Pluchea lanceolata and recommends Alpinia galanga as a substitute for it speciying the parts to be used in different formulations.
3) 'Indian Medicinal Plants', 'Materia Media' (K. M. Nadkarni) and 'Wealth of India' identify a plant with the Sanskrit name kulanjana as Alpinia galanga. But 'Bhavaprakasam' 'Rajanighantu' and 'Nighanturatnakaram' mention rasna and kulanjana as two different plants and give them different properties. Tincture of Alpinia galanga is widely used in homeopathy.