Popular Name: Gymnema Powder

Gymnema Powder

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Botanical Name:

Gymnema Sylvestre Powder

Common Name:

Gymnema Powder




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Product Description:

The powder when taken with warm water early morning reduces formation of phlegm & cough in Diabetic patients. Regular intake of powder for a sustained period prevents ill effects of Diabetes Mellitus on human body and helps to reduce Average Blood glucose Or Glycosylated haemoglobin level. It also helps to heal diabetic wounds and repair damaged tissues with other healing herbs. The skin tone & colour gets affected due to high sugar level, in such cases Gymnema supports to prevent skin ailments.
As per Modern science & ongoing research it contains Gymnemic acids which has stimulation action on insulin secreting cells in pancreas, which in turn helps to control sugar levels in blood.

1. It act as a Digestive Stimulant.
2. It regulates the appetite and cravings for sweet food.
3. Promotes the healthy production of insulin.
4. Supports normal glucose tolerance.
5. Maintain normal blood sugar levels.