Popular Name: Long Pepper Extract

Long Pepper Extract

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Botanical Name:

Piper Longum

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Piperine 2% NA 3% (HPLC).


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Product Description:

Four types are described in Raj Nilhantu:
1. Pippali - Piper Longum.
2. Gaj Piippali - P. Chaba (Chavika).
3. Sinhali- P. Retrofracturn.
4. Van Pippali - P. Sylvaticum or P. Peepuloides.
It is very much useful in tuberculosis, anaemia and anorexia. Spikes should be properly dried otherwise it spoiled soon. The roots are known as Pippalimul (Ganthoda) and used for same purposes.

1. Ideal Alterative & Respiratory Tonic.
2. It is useful to remove inflammation and extra mucous from repsiratory tract.
3. It is useful as carminative, anti-helminthic & prevents bloatingness of stomach.
4. It acts as cholagogue & clears blockages of bile ducts, reduces spleenomegaly.
5. Respiratory Support (Tonic), Thermogenic, Carminative