Popular Name: Orange Peel Extract


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Botanical Name:

Citrus Aurantium Reticulata Extract

Common Name:

Citrus Aurantium Reticulata

Other Name:

Orange Peel Extract


Flavanoids > 5.0 %


Herbal Extracts

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Product Description:

There are many varieties available like Ladu, Kalva, Nagpuri, Khandesi, Reshmi, Silhati, Saharanpuri etc. Among these Nagpuri and Saharangpuri are the best varieties. Fruit rinds are used to increase beauty in forms of powder and paste. It is used in aroma therapy. It is not advised to take in cases of acidity, rheumatism, diabetes, etc. Fruit-rind is used in cosmetic items, Tincture of Citrus reticulata is used in Homeopathy.

1. Astringent, Btter Tonic, In Skin Creams, Appetizer.