Popular Name: Sweet Flag Root

Sweet Flag Root

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Botanical Name:

Acorus Calamus

Common Name:

Sweet Flag Root

Other Name:

Sweet Flag Root





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Product Description:

Bhavamishra has described four types of this plant in "Bhavaprakasha".
1. Vacha (Ghodavaj or A. calamus or Sweet flag),
2. Parsika vacha (Balavaj or Iris germanica or Bekhson),
3. Malaya vacha (Kulanjan or Alpinia galanga or Java galangal),
4. Dvipantar vacha (Chopachini or Smilax china or China root). Due to some toxic content, it should be taken under medical supervision. Tincture of A. calamus is used in homoeopathy. Rhizome powder is used as nasal drops to increase memory power. Calamus oil is mixed with Neem oil & applied into hair scalp to destroy lices.

1. Aromatic, Dusting Powder, Skin Lotions.