Health benefits of Jamun aka Eugenia jambolana

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Health benefits of Jamun aka Eugenia jambolana

Jamun (Botanical – Eugenia jambolana), also popularly known as jambul, jambolana, java plum is a nutritious seasonal fruit found in abundance in Asia. Jamun fruit is eaten as a health snack in many parts of the world. Jamun is a delicious tropical plum-like fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. The fruit, seeds, bark, and leaves of Jambul have medicinal properties. Jamun is loaded with antioxidants and Flavonoids essential for a healthy body and mind. As compared with other fruits, Jambul provides lesser calories making it the perfect choice for a healthy diet!

Jamun helps as Astringent in action and has alleviated Kapha/pitta reducing property. Jamun is widely distributed throughout India and ayurvedic medicine (Indian folk medicine) mentions its use for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. As per Ayurveda Jamun Seed powder supports healthy digestive functions, is an excellent home remedy for stomach bloatedness and irritation in the intestinal layers. Jamun or Java plum is also administered with mango seed powder to support in case of diarrhea and dysentery. Powder of seeds in Jamun juice is excellent for individuals with a suppressed immune system and as an anti-oxidant. 

The Glucoside Jamboline present in Jamun is said to have the power of checking the pathological conversion of starch into sugar in cases of increased production of glucose, thus regulating sugar metabolism. Jamun also promotes lowering of the quantity of sugar in urine & allays the unquenchable thirst in diabetes. Jamun beej extract contains glycosides, gallic acid, ellagic acids, quercetin, beta-sitosterol useful as antioxidants.

Benefits and uses of Jamun (Eugenia jambolana)

1. Improves hemoglobin count

Loaded with vitamin C and iron, Jamun increases hemoglobin. With the increased hemoglobin, your blood will carry more oxygen to the organs and keep you healthy. The iron present in the fruit also purifies your blood.

2. Jamun has astringent property

Jamun has astringent property, which keeps your skin acne-free. You should consume Jamun if you have oily skin as it will help you keep your skin fresh and clear.

3. Improves the health of skin and eyes

Jamun or the black plum improves the number of hemoglobin and the iron present in the fruit acts as a blood purifying agent. This helps in improving the health of your skin and eyes. The fruit is also rich in several minerals and vitamin C and A.

4. Keeps your heart healthy

Loaded with potassium, Jamun is extremely beneficial for your heart. Around 55 mg of potassium is present per 100 grams of Jamun. The fruit is beneficial in keeping diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, and stroke at bay. 

5. Strengthens your gums and teeth

Jamun is beneficial for your gums and teeth. The leaves of the black plum have antibacterial properties and can be used to prevent bleeding of gums. You can dry the leaf and then powder it to be used as a tooth powder.

6. Prevents infection

Jamun has antibacterial, anti-infective, and anti-malaria properties. The fruit also contains malic acid, tannins, gallic acid, oxalic acid, and betulin acid. The fruit is effective in preventing common infections.

7. Treats diabetes

Black plums can cure the symptoms of diabetes including excess urination and thirst. It has a low glycemic index, which keeps the blood sugar levels normal. Seeds, bark, and leaves of the tree can be used for the treatment of diabetes.

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