Popular Name: Purple Fleabane Seeds

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Botanical Name:

Vernonia Anthelmintica

Other Name:

Kalijiri, Somaraj





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    Product Description:

    Purple Fleabane Seeds are also known as Vernonia Anthelmintica or Kalijiri or Somaraj. Kali Jeeri is also spelled as Kalijiri and Kaali Jeeri is a seed of plant centratherum anthelminticum. Kalijiri is popular in combination with Ajwain and Methi for reducing weight and improving digestive health. It is used for the treatment of skin diseases in which helps to reduce itching and skin irritation. It is believed to be the blood purifier because it removes the toxins from the blood and increases their elimination. Kali Jeeri is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for roundworm, tapeworm and threadworm, which can also be present in the gut. It also increases appetite, but its bitter taste may provoke nausea in some bitter taste-sensitive people.

    1. Seeds are generally used in cases of roundworms.
    2. Seeds are anthelmintic, stomatic, tonic, diuretic, antiperiodic, and alternative.

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