Popular Name: Beleric Myrobalan Fruit

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Terminalia Belerica

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    In Sanskrit, Bibhitak is known as “Vibheetaki” in which ‘bheeta’ means fear and ‘Vibheeta’ means lack of fear. The whole word “Vibheetaki” means the fruit that takes away the fear of disease. Bibhitak or Baheda is one of an important herb in three myrobalans (fruits, Triphalla – 3 fruits), i.e. Amla, Harde and Baheda having Latin Name – Terminalia Belerica.

    As per Ayurveda Bibhitak is hot in potency and helps to reduce Vitiated Pitta & kapha dosha’s (Humors) of the body. Bibhitak is a natural laxative and contains dietary fibres which are digestive agents & fights with constipation related problems. Bibhitaki powder also supports relief from problem related piles and anal pain. Bibhitak powder when taken with Harde and Amla (triphalla) powder in equal amounts helps to remove toxicity from the body and rejuvenate each organ.

    Ayurveda mentions use of Bibhitak powder with honey early morning to soothe sore throat, reduce throat inflammation, cough & cold and increase immunity. Bibhitak powder when taken daily at night time with warm water or buttermilk helps to reduce spleen swelling. The tannins and other ingredients in Bibhitak may have a positive effect on brain activity increasing its working capacity. Externally it is suggested to make a paste of Bibhitak powder with warm water over acne or black spots, wash when it gets dried up. Similarly white sandalwood powder and Bibhitak powder paste prepared with rose water has a positive action when applied over skin allergy problems due to ornaments. Also to absorb extra heat from the eye region a paste made from Bibhitak and plain cool water is applied around each eye.

    Beleric Myrobalan Fruit is useful in coughs, hoarseness, eye-diseases and scorpion sting. It is very much useful in throat and eye diseases. Tincture of Terminalia belerica is used in Homeopathy.

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