Popular Name: Mint Leaves

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Mentha Arvensis

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Seasoning Herbs

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    Product Description:

    1. Herbs of mint are much esteemed in India as aromatic, carminative, stimulant, antispasmodic, stomachic and emmenagogue.
    1. It’s different habitat- wise local species are Arbi, Jungli Persian, Jaliyan, Nanap, Devmanjari etc.
    2. Following species contain high percentage of menthol
    (i) Mentha viridis (M. spicata) – is known as spearmint ad contains carvone and used in India as Phudina.
    (ii) M. pulegium – It containes pulegone.
    (iii) M. piperita – Pipermint oil is obtained by steam distillation from fresh aerial parts of M. piperita.
    3. It is a very good carminative medicine. Leaves are used as condiment. It is not advised to take it in cases of ulcers, acidity etc. Tincture of mint is used in Homeopathy.