Popular Name: Stevia Leaves

Stevia Leaves

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Stevia Rebaudiana

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    STEVIA contains 300 times more sweetness in comparison to sugarcane and also more sweet 200-300 times than table sugar. STEVIA contains 2 main sweet compounds-Stevioside and Rebaudioside. STEVIA currently is being accepted worldwide, like by European Food Safety Authority, Joint Expert Committee of WHO, FSSAI in India, etc because of its low calories sweet-tasting agent which helps in reducing weight. Stevia leaves have neither calories nor carbohydrates so that it is suitable for diabetics. Leaves are used as herbal tea. It is used as a sugar substitute for diabetics. It is 300 times sweeter than granulated table sugar. There are many varieties of stevia rebaudiana
    1. Natural Sweetener.
    2. Natural alternative to sugar.
    3. Maintains Normal Blood Sugar & Pressure Levels.
    4. Helps as an Anti-oxidant agent.